ADMS Users

ADMS has a wide variety of active users spread over different industries that provide training at different levels. Our users vary from civilian, commercialized organizations to government agencies. ADMS remains at the core at all times; the content may vary based on your training needs and our discussions.

Medical and Law Enforcement trainees cooperating on a simulated traffic accident inside the tunnel.

long-standing relationships

ETC Simulation enjoys long-standing relationships with all of our users and has established a valued network of emergency management professionals around the world. We take pride and care in working closely together with our users to find the best training solution for their organization by designing the training facility or developing new ADMS content.

Markets Served


Train ARFF Operations, Incident command response, and airport driving.


Train for mass casualty incident response, triage, and medical transport organization.


Train for firefighting operations at various levels, such as interior fires, car accidents, and hazmat.


Train for police operations at various levels with different threats such as crowd control and shootings.

Disaster Management

Train disaster management response on natural disasters such as floodings and forest fires or human-made disasters.