Immerse your trainees in dangerous situations to train Police Operations without risking human lives in a safe and repeatable environment.

Police training by ADMS

Police agencies use ADMS as a virtual reality team training system that provides hands-on experience in crowd control tactics and strategies, use of force principles, de-escalation maneuvers, operation planning and rehearsal, contingency testing, and resource management. The unscripted and open-ended ADMS training experience immerses the user and elicits the true-to-life responses necessary to make your police training exercise as effective as possible. All actions occur in real-time, so the trainee immediately sees the consequences of their decisions, further adding to the level of realism and a higher rate of retention.

Covering police operations

ADMS supports the training of all levels of incident command, either in single or multi-agency police-type operations. Where Incident Command, Field Units, and Command Posts can collaborate inside the same exercise. ADMS bridges the gap between the classroom and live exercises and enables staff to gain the necessary insight and skills to handle any emergency.

Type of scenarios

Command and control Police resources such as SWAT, Bomb Squad, Riot Squad, Police dogs, and patrol cars in a large variety of environments. Create scenarios with suspect packages, hostage situations, shootings, large demonstrating crowds, and more by using the Instructor Toolset. ADMS can simulate large groups of up to thousands of people with various behavior and responses to riot squads with gas grenades, batons, and water cannon vehicles.