ETC Simulation Office located in Orlando, Florida.

About Us

ETC Simulation is the developer behind the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS). Our office is located in Orlando, Florida, where we develop ADMS solutions and build simulators to meet your needs with our team of experienced engineers and modelers. We welcome visitors to discuss their training needs and experience ADMS live.

ETC Simulation is a business unit of Environmental Tectonics Corporation.

About ETC

Environmental Tectonics Corporation (‘”ETC”), located in Southampton, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1969. ETC designs, manufactures, and sells software driven products and services used to recreate and monitor the physiological effects of motion on humans, and equipment to control, modify, simulate and measure environmental conditions. Our products include aircrew training systems (aeromedical, tactical combat, and general), disaster management systems, sterilizers (steam and gas), environmental testing and simulation systems, and other products that involve similar manufacturing techniques and engineering technologies. ETC’s unique ability to offer complete systems, designed and produced to high technical standards, sets it apart from its competition. You can find ETC products in over 90 countries around the world. For more information about ETC, visit

ADMS History

ADMS was developed following a disaster in Manchester, England, when the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) commissioned the Cranfield Institute of Technology to study the training needs of airport fire rescue.

The study found that responders needed a training system to practice incident command & control in a disaster. It needed to reproduce the stress of a real incident, and trainees should be able to practice disaster management in a safe, controlled environment, with the ability to repeat exercises.

In 1992, the RAF’s Defence Fire Service awarded a contract to ETC to design and develop such a system for emergency management. In 1994, the system was completed and installed at the RAF’s Manston facility.