Take to the sky in virtual reality with your own created incident scenarios and train together for emergency service response in a wide variety of situations such as search and rescue, crowd observation, and aerial firefighting.

Flight Simulation

ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator, has been in constant development since 1994 by ETC Simulation, used by many emergency service organizations worldwide. The GH-100, developed by ETC Aircrew Training Systems, is ETC's most cost-effective, transportable helicopter motion simulator capable of delivering general flight and spatial disorientation training.

We implement various drones and supported controllers to train emergency services drone operations such as exploring unstable areas, thermal imaging, and area surveillance.

Helicopter and drone pilots take part in command training exercises simultaneously with emergency services and work together on resolving large scale incidents such as search and rescue operations.

Trainees improve their helicopter and drone flight skills in the simulator while communicating with emergency services on the ground by providing crucial information from the sky in dynamic scenarios where the outcome depends on the trainee’s decisions.

Helicopter Simulator

ETC Aircrew Training system’s GH-100 is our most cost-effective, transportable helicopter motion simulator capable of delivering general flight and spatial disorientation training. The GH-100 features a single seat generic cockpit, instruction station, and robust profile editor software - allowing a variety of meteorological conditions, aircraft instrument and engine failure scenarios, spin, stall, and unusual attitudes, and interactive spatial disorientation training profiles to be selected or programmed. Utilizing customer-provided NVT goggles, the GH-100 provides Night Flight Procedures and Goggle Use as part of a complete spatial disorientation training program.

Motion in the GH-100 Simulator is an available option. Dome vs flat display panels can be discussed based on your requirements


Helicopter pilots join in live during ADMS exercises and support emergency services working on the ground. ADMS is used by various services such as Fire departments, Police departments, Disaster Management Agencies, and Medical services. The ground activity is controlled by facilitators controlling resources for standalone training or by trainees from emergency services managing the resources from their ADMS stations.

Instructors have access to large 3D environments in which they can build incidents using the Smart Model Library filled with objects such as casualties, hazards, and vehicles. There is full control of weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, fog, wind directions, and speed.

Here are a few examples of scenarios the GH-100 Simulator can use to train helicopter piloting skills and communications in emergencies without risking lives and materials.

Train Search and rescue operations, Aerial firefighting, Medical evacuations, crowd control observations, tracking fire spread, and following fugitives during police chases.

Drone Operations

Teach safe UAS operations, efficient flying, advanced operations, and communications in a safe and repeatable environment. Drone pilots experience the real pressure of an accident during virtual reality training in ADMS. At incident locations, their observations and communication play a big role during critical moments by providing thermal imaging during fires, area surveillance and search and rescue operations.

We support various drones, tethered and untethered, controllers, and simulate limitations like battery capacity.