ADMS is a world-class virtual reality simulation platform that presents real-world situations for training purposes.

Trainees gain the confidence, practical experience, and decision-making skills needed to successfully resolve real-life incidents in a safe and repeatable environment at a lower cost without disturbing daily operations.

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Markets Served

Airport & Airbase
Medical Training
Fire Training
Police Training
Disaster Management

Training Systems

We have split up ADMS in two categories, Command training systems and Vehicle training systems. Both fulfill different training needs and can be delivered in a variety of room layouts, with the option to be fully linked for combined training.


Incident Command training for all levels of emergency and disaster response.


Train tactical positioning, vehicle controls and operating procedures of Emergency vehicles.

Simulation Advantages

Incident Commander exploring the scene with Exercise Control executing the commands

Virtual simulation is used to bridge the gap between classroom training and live exercises. In certain situations, virtual simulation goes beyond what can be achieved with live exercises.

Train for a higher level of preparedness, a more effective response, a safer environment for responders, a greater probability of mitigating damage to property, and ultimately a better chance of saving lives.

ADMS is an unscripted and open-ended virtual reality simulator; the outcomes are based on your decisions, and you will experience the consequences of your decisions, good or bad. ADMS relies on physics-based technology and built-in artificial intelligence to provide you with a true-to-life experience set in real-time. This world-class technology requires you to make dynamic decisions as you would in real-life incidents, providing you with an interactive and immersive atmosphere.

Simulated Forest Fire being extinguished by Indonesian firefighters.


ETC Simulation, located in Orlando, Florida, is a business unit of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC). ADMS is an interactive and dynamic virtual reality training platform with its foundation strongly built on over 50 years’ research and development, subject matter input and customer-defined requirements. First introduced in 1994, ADMS has continuously evolved into the world-class simulation training system of today, successfully used and trusted by leading organizations to train their emergency responders and disaster management staff.

ETC Simulation Office located in Orlando, Florida.
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